Why losing a friend is actually WORSE than a break up!

My 5 Reasons why losing a friend is actually WORSE than a break up:

1. You have to eat junk food and watch chick flicks alone, when your best friend would usually be with you helping you through the break up.

2. When your ready to face the World again, your best friend is there to help you get ready, down shots and bust moves on the dance floor together. Getting ready alone and going to a club with your boyfriend is NOT the same experience!

3. Your best friend helps you find a new guy, set’s you up on blind dates, help’s with your internet dating profile… Asking your boyfriend to help find a new best friend? NOT going to happen! Also while on this topic..why is it so hard to make friends in a big city when your 25 years old? 4 Year old’s in a playground make it look so easy!

4. After a few months you start to get over your Ex and all memories start to be erased. But a best friend is for life, being in your favourite wine bar with another friend is just not the same and you can’t help but miss her and remember the fun times you had there together.

and 5. When you finally get a new boyfriend he is always 1000% times better than your Ex, I mean what were you thinking before?! But a new friend will ALWAYS be compared to your old one and no matter how great your new friend is, she will never replace your best one!


I hope you agree and if I’ve missed any other points please feel free to comment! 🙂

Love, Chloe xxx

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