#TBT – Scrummy Supper Club

I love a bit of #TBT So I thought I would share with you a post that I wrote on my old blog, thanks for reading 🙂

Until a couple of weeks ago I had never even heard of a supper club. I had no clue what they were about or what they involved. But my friend Emma (website, http://www.soothefood.co.uk/) quickly changed all that.

She has started a website called ‘Soothe Food’ which focuses on creating recipes and finding ingredients which are low FODMAP for people who either have food intolerances such as Coeliac disease, stomach problems like IBS which Emma has just been diagnosed with herself or if you just want to eat a bit healthier and find foods which are good for your digestive system!

I personally don’t have any dietary requirements (that I am aware of) but I can imagine it must be very hard if you do and having to stick to a limited and often what is thought to be a boring diet. This is where Emma is trying to change all that, with fun, exciting and tasty recipes that will keep your taste buds and tummy happy!

Emma likes to post her recipes online for people to try themselves, however she also wants people to try her recipes with her and give feedback which is why she joined the supper club.

Now for those of you who don’t know what a supper club is, it’s basically a lovely person hosting a dinner party at either a rented venue or their own home to complete strangers, who have booked their seat through the website. It must be pretty daunting to 1. have strangers at your house and 2. be cooking for them too! Which is why she also asked around to see if any friends would like to come along too, just to give that moral support and to see a friendly face, which must be welcomed when you are frantically hosting and cooking for 10 complete strangers! So I jumped at the chance to come along as I LOVE food! and would quite like to meet new people and make new friends, so I thought it sounded interesting and fun.

So last night I jumped on the tube and headed to Emma’s place…

I was the first to arrive, and was greeted with a lovely Aperol Spritz, how fancy! It’s an Italian cocktail comprised of Aperol, Prosecco and topped with Soda water, delicious! Only a few minutes passed before the first bunch of guests arrived. A group of 4 who all knew each other (a couple and her 2 female friends) and then another couple of guy’s. We all politely introduced ourselves, made a joke of not remembering people’s names and then saying we should have brought name badges!

I ventured out into the garden with the 2 guy’s.. yes a garden in London what a luxury! and it’s beautiful at that, a terrace area where Emma has her own vegetable garden, as she likes to use fresh ingredients as much as possible, then a square of grass with a shed and then at the end a decking area which was lit with candles, so pretty! I was jealous as I long for a garden! And we were also served bite sized tomato pastry canapés which were yummy and we got given more than one! 😉 I felt a bit guilty at this point though, as I had totally ditched Emma and was quite enjoying the freedom of chatting to new people. I usually either go out with my boyfriend, Matt or friends, so it was refreshing to step out of my comfort zone, be myself for a change and to just meet more down to Earth, nice, friendly people.

We then headed back inside to a long table, decorated with a green table cloth, mini pots of fresh herbs, candles and jugs of cucumber water, beautiful, which seated the 11 of us perfectly. 4 People had also joined (2 couples) which we didn’t even realise as we had spent so much time in the garden, oops! Everyone was soon chatting though, so much so, you could barely hear the background music which was also a great choice, a mix of Michael Jackson, MGMT and Empire of the Sun.

We were served crab cakes with a fennel salad to start. This was delicious, I don’t think I have ever had fennel served like that before but it worked so well with the crab and the crab cakes (one of my fav things) were cooked perfectly and so tasty, I could have just had a plate of those and been very happy! We had nice breaks in-between courses and of course carried on chatting to everyone around us, what started as work and where do you live, soon changed to holidays, families and everything in-between, who knew you could find out so much about people in a few hours? It was nice and intimate though and I felt very welcomed and everyone was so easy going and easy to talk to.

The main course was pork belly for meat eaters and salmon for veggies. The guy I had been chatting to all night was a veggie and he said the salmon was cooked perfectly and that he could never cook it like that. (Well done Emma!) This was accompanied by a very tasty, celeriac coleslaw and freshly baked courgette bread roll/scone. I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of bread, however it was made from gluten free flour which meant I didn’t bloat which is what usually happens when I eat bread and the courgette gave it a lovely flavour rather than a normal plain roll. Emma is very generous with portion sizes and we were always offered more sides 🙂

We had yet another nice rest before being treated to a citrus rice tart with raspberries and ginger snap biscuit for dessert. The presentation was amazing, especially adding a nice bronze/metallic touch to the biscuit which everyone smiled and commented on! I have never seen or tasted a rice tart before, it looked sort of like a cheesecake with a white filling and then a layer of raspberry coulis on top and fresh raspberries. It smelt very citrusy which was nice and on the first bite it was light and fresh just what you need after a big meal. However if I’m being brutally honest and I hope Emma doesn’t mind me being so! I’m not a fan personally of rice, it’s the texture of it, so I didn’t enjoy the tart too much as it had that rice texture even though it didn’t look like it would. (that comment makes me sound a little silly/dumb, but I hope you know what I mean!!) So I only ate half of it. Also a couple of people commented that is was quite savoury – not as a bad thing as they seemed to enjoy every last bite! But maybe it wasn’t as sweet as a dessert as some people expected? The ginger snap biscuit (made from scratch) was delicious though, one of my favourite things of the night and I could have happily dunked a few of those into my tea which we were offered at the end of the meal!

I finally left around 10.40pm and ended up walking back to the station with 2 guys I had chatted to all night. They were so lovely and friendly that we added each other on Facebook and I really hope to meet up with them again soon.

It was a lovely night, full of delicious food, drink and great company, what more could you ask for? and I would definitely recommend visiting a supper club to everyone I know. (Especially Emma’s!) Whether it’s just to try new food or make new friends I’m sure you will end up doing both! and I hope to be at the next one, which is already taking bookings for the end of September (they run once a month)

Apologies I didn’t take any photo’s though I’m not very good at remembering to do that! Maybe I’ll try more at the next one! 😉

Love Chloe xx

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