Up in Upper Class..

I don’t know about you but I never fly in the Upper or Business Class section of the plane. I wish I could afford to, but sometimes I think even if I had the money, is it really worth it?

I have flown Upper Class once before, with Virgin Atlantic. Matt and I went to Australia in Summer 2013 and he surprised me the night before with the upgraded tickets. I was hysterical, like a mad woman who had just won the lottery, I was jumping on the bed, constantly asking if it was real. I even phoned my mum to share the news. As I was so excited and could barely get the words out, she assumed we had gotten engaged and was then getting excited herself. Oops sorry mum, we’re both still waiting for that day! 😉 Matt had upgraded us by using A LOT of saved air miles and then explained we could only afford to do this one way. But I didn’t care, I was going FIRST CLASS, I was going to turn left when I got onto the plane, I could make my chair into a bed, I could sit and drink at the bar and pretend I wasn’t on a plane and I was excited!

If you’re anything like me I hate the whole airport experience, I know a lot of people who love it but I would rather get there and get straight on a plane. I don’t want to go on a shopping trip, I don’t want to join a queue for dinner at yet another Italian themed chain and I really don’t want to be in a half an hour queue at WH Smith self service tills, just to buy the bumper pack of magazines and a bottle of water for the journey ahead.

So when our taxi pulled up to the Upper Class Wing at Heathrow Airport, I was in heaven! Our suitcases were taken straight from the car for us, no struggling or worrying if you’re over the weight limit. Our boarding passes were basically given straight to us and then we had our own private security check, no queues.. bliss! It was then a short walk to the Upper Class lounge. All the free food and drink you could ask for and treats such as cookies, chocolate and sweets are in bowls dotted around the comfy sofa areas. We ate an amazing dinner, had a couple of glasses of fizz to toast our trip and then played a few games of pool before boarding the plane. I felt super relaxed and definitely the way I wanted to start a holiday! There is even a spa offering free treatments if you get there early enough to enjoy them before your flight! (one to remember for next time!)

We had a night flight to Oz and on entering the plane we were offered a glass of champagne and PJ’s to change into should we wish, I was already wearing my most comfiest trackie bottoms and hoodie so declined the offer. I don’t dress up for a flight, it’s all about comfort no matter what class you are in! Especially with a 30 odd hour journey ahead of us!

The flight went by surprisingly quickly and the beds are actually really big, I’m only 5 ft 2 so felt I could really spread out or get cosy when I wanted to. See below!


Then take a look at this breakfast are we even on a plane?!


I couldn’t fault the service and we had the best ‘plane’ food I had ever tasted. I really don’t understand how they manage to serve a full 3 course meal, on china, with proper cutlery, oh and don’t forget the afternoon tea served on actual cake stands and tea served in teacups and saucers?! No silver foil tray food here.

BUT I still can’t figure out if it’s worth the £3k+ price tag?

I will tell you one thing though no matter how long you are away for, flying home in a lower class is a major come down. Not only are you sad that you are heading home after an amazing trip, you are yearning to be comfortably lying flat in your bed getting a good sleep, not curled up in a ball, with your neck half crooked into a random persons shoulder!

Sooo when Matt surprised me with Upper Class tickets for our trip to Chicago a couple of weeks ago, I was beyond excited and more than ready to experience the luxury again! 🙂


Cheers and Happy Holidays!!

Love, Chloe xx

And…I’m back!

How quick did those 11 days go?!

We got back Tuesday afternoon, but after a flight delay and the unexpected delivery of our new dining table as soon as we got to our front door, I then spent the rest of the day sleeping! So much for staying awake to lessen the jet lag! Oops! 😉

Yesterday was a bit of a tough day too, I went back to work, wishing I had taken the rest of the week off and basically sat at my desk like a zombie, not really taking anything in and forgetting how much staring at a computer screen all day, looking at numbers and spreadsheets, sucks.

After work I drove to the supermarket to do a food shop (you know us women’s favourite thing to do *yawn*) however they did have a good deal on wine, hooray! I felt like I was on super market sweep, dashing around the isles, wanting to get home as quick as possible, to pass out on the sofa. But then someone got in my way…the cashier…she started off pleasant enough with the usual how was your day, you’ve got a lot of shopping, etc. But then she stopped me in my frantic food packing state, to ask for my ID…Noooo. The one thing I didn’t have on me. I could tell her exactly where it was.. in my dressing gown pocket – where else? ha 😉 as Matt had only given it back to me that morning from where he had kept it in his wallet our whole holiday. Also I know most women see this as a nice compliment – well it usually is when you have your ID and laugh that your nearly 10 years older than 18! But when you don’t have it, it’s like you just want to scream and protest just how old you are. But she wasn’t having any of it and she made me look like a silly little teenager when she took all my bottles off the conveyor belt! So then I sulked. I was tired, grumpy, jet lagged and just wanted to buy the wine. I paid and left in a very foul mood! (no wonder she didn’t serve me!!) When I got home, the first thing I did was place my ID straight back into my purse, so hopefully I won’t have to go through that embarrassment again any time soon! lol.

Anyway as you can probably tell, yesterday I was a little over emotional, but today is a better day, I’m feeling back to normal and ready for yet another bank holiday weekend woohoo! This one is set to be a super busy one. We have a wedding on Saturday, I am performing in 4 dance shows over the weekend, oh and my parents are coming to stay! So no stress at all! 😉

I did have a great time away though, both Chicago and New York are amazing, so much to see and do. It was so much fun and great to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Plus I just love America! 🙂 ❤

I shall tell you all about it in my next post!

Have a great long weekend!!

Love, Chloe xxx

Hooray for Holiday!

So it’s 10.48 on an overcast Friday morning and I can say that in 5 hours and 10 mins I will officially be on holiday! 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve been abroad and with all the stress of moving house (2 weeks before Xmas!) and how busy we have been since, this day has been a long time coming. Technically I have 1 more sleep ( we all still count in sleeps right? 😉 ) until we are ACTUALLY on holiday but hey once I’ve put the out of office email on, I’m already there..well in my mind anyway.

I guess I should tell you where we’re going..well we’re off to the great U.S Of A and I am beyond excited. We have been to America a few times, New York, Vegas, LA & Florida. (Vegas being my ultimate favourite!) However this time we start our trip in Chicago, home of Barack Obama, The World’s FIRST Skyscraper and one of my best friend’s, Christina!! ❤

I have known Christina for 4.5 years but it feels like I’ve known her a lifetime. When I first moved to London she totally took me under her wing and we soon realised we had a lot of the same interests; Cheese, Wine, Jo Malone and Musicals being top of the list and I really don’t know what I would have done without her. She is actually married to one of Matt’s best friend’s, Jason, which is how we got introduced, but it also meant we got to see each other pretty much all the time 🙂

Christina was born and bred in Chicago, however in her final year of uni she decided to study abroad and London was top of the list. She randomly met Jason in a queue for a nightclub almost 8 years ago and the rest as they say is history. They stayed in London until July 2014, when they decided to move back to Chicago for good. Cue lots of goodbyes and tears 😦 All I can say is, I’m very grateful for WhatsApp, Viber, Emails and Facebook, so we can still contact each other almost daily! BUT it’s not the same as seeing someone in person and so Saturday afternoon cannot come soon enough, food, bubbles and lots of hugs are already high on the list of our priorities. I’ve already pre warned Matt of the girlie squeals, hugs and non-stop talking that is bound to happen, I don’t think the same thing will happen between him and Jason.. but hey we will see! 😉

We have 6 days to explore Chicago until we jet off to New York for a long weekend. Matt has been to New York quite a few times now, however I have only been once before. We are actually going to New York for another of Matt’s good friend’s, Bruce wedding. Well it’s actually a celebration, he and his wife Erin eloped to the Caribbean on Valentines Day (how romantic!! ❤ ) so this is more of the after party..and I’m excited! Because of this reason though I don’t think we will have much time for exploring or sight seeing. Matt has a few friends he wants to catch up with and I think dinners, lunches or even brunches have already been booked for us..not that I’m complaining! So I think most of our time will be spent having fun with friends 🙂

Anywho I best be off, as 1. I’ve got work to do tut tut and 2. I have a list to write of the million things I need to remember and pack!! I’ve been a bit too relaxed about it for some reason!

I will take lots of snaps and share them with you when I’m back, promise!!

Love, Chloe xx