USA Road Trip – Day 2 – Golf, Goals & Guetta!

Due to jet lag Matt and I were wide awake by 6am so we decided to get up, get dressed and go for a wonder through our hotel. That’s the great thing about Vegas everything is open 24/7.

Megs and Fraser were also up early so we all decided to go for breakfast at The Buffet. It was still pretty early and there only seemed to be a handful of us there, so no need to queue or wait for a table which was great.


The service was amazing, everyone was super happy and helpful and you barely had to wait for anything. The restaurant itself was very in keeping with the rest of the hotel, super modern, spotless and the food was delicious with so much choice, who knew sushi was so good for breakfast!


Over plates of pizza, waffles and smoked salmon bagels (seriously who doesn’t love a buffet breakfast!?) we decided on our plan for the day. We had tickets for the Rugby Sevens but agreed we didn’t want to get there until early afternoon.

The boys wanted to try Top Golf but Megs and I didn’t really fancy it, so after breakfast the boys left and Megs and I decided to go back to the hotel. Megs decided to go back to bed but I decided to have a bubble bath. I know I should have been out exploring but sometimes when you have a bath that big you just have to use it.


The boys had a pretty good view from Top Golf!
Chloe's Phone Pics and Videos 2017 6673
Who doesn’t love a bubble bath?

Around midday the 4 of us made our way to the Sam Boyd stadium which is roughly a 30 minute drive outside of the strip. You honestly feel like you are in the middle of nowhere in the desert but it was quite nice to venture out and visit somewhere new.

Chloe's Phone Pics and Videos 2017 6679
It felt amazing to be wearing shorts and flip flops at the beginning of March!

Friends that had been to Twickenham Sevens (in the UK) kept telling me how much fun it is however as rugby isn’t that big in America (compared to in the UK) I didn’t know what to expect, but the atmosphere when we arrived said it all, everyone was in great spirits, the weather was amazing and everyone just seemed to be having a great time.


I loved how you could just sit wherever you wanted, so we found a spot, grabbed some drinks and enjoyed the afternoon of rugby and sunshine. Things got quite exciting when England beat USA much to the majority of the stadiums upset!

Chloe's Phone Pics and Videos 2017 668333

As the sun began to set it was starting to get quite windy and the temperature was definitely starting to drop. There were still a couple of games to go but as we were all in shorts and T-shirts we decided it was best to head back to the strip, get some dinner and get ready for the night ahead.

We were feeling pretty exhausted by the time we got back to the hotel, I guess a mixture of jetlag, booze and sunshine will do that to you and we didn’t have the energy to head out to dinner. So we decided to order room service (delicious fried chicken sandwiches) and took a much needed nap, as we still had a crazy night ahead of us.

By 11pm we were rested, glammed up and ready to head out, as after all it was Saturday night in Vegas! We got a taxi to The Encore Hotel where we had tickets to see David Guetta at XS Nightclub.

Photo 05-03-2017, 08 10 22

The nightclub was pretty big and split between 2 sections. The indoor club/dance floor and the outside pool area, with the DJ booth positioned between the two. We decided to stay outside, as inside seemed a bit too crammed and full on. Outside was way more relaxed and when do you get to enjoy an outdoor nightclub in the UK? So we thought we would make the most of it.

Photo 05-03-2017, 10 32 44Photo 05-03-2017, 09 46 10Photo 05-03-2017, 08 37 0939

We managed to grab a great position around the pool with a couple of sunbeds (which were great for dancing on!) and drinks in hand we danced and sang the night away. Guetta was amazing!

Photo 05-03-2017, 10 36 32

Finally making our way back to our hotel at around 5am, almost a 24 hour day!

Photo 05-03-2017, 11 25 43

Love, Chloe x

The Life of a Rugby Wife/Girlfriend

Being a rugby Wife, Girlfriend or even Sister brings with it lots of positives and negatives.

Let’s start with the negatives;

You lose said Husband, Boyfriend, Brother for 10 months of the year, yes really 10 whole months! They start pre season training in July and the last game is usually towards the end of April.

They eat, sleep and breathe rugby, if they aren’t playing it, they are watching it.

You have to deal with the high highs and the low lows. If they win a game, they are on cloud nine and you probably won’t see them until lunchtime Sunday. However if they lose a game you might want to stay away, they get annoyed with each other, will mope around the house and you won’t get much conversation out of them for a while!

Lastly the dreaded injuries. This game is brutal and you never want to see a loved one hurt. But if they do unfortunately sustain an injury, whether it’s something small that they are only out for a week with or something huge where they are out for the whole season. Be prepared, this is the end of the World and you will have to nurse them better.


Matt’s injury at the end of last year!

That all said, there are plenty of positives too…

You get 2 nights a week when they are at training all to yourself. For me that means catching up on trashy TV, like TOWIE and The Kardashians (which Matt would never watch), or having the girls over for dinner or going out for dinner, catching up with friends and family over Skype or just having a bit of ‘me’ time – bubble bath, face pack and an early night with a book – bliss!

Home Games mean catching up with the girls, all day drinking, if the weather is good – sunbathing and watching hot men run around in short shorts 😉

Away Games mean catching up with the girls, all day drinking, if the weather is good – sunbathing and watching hot men run around in short shorts but with the added bonus of a road trip!

The Socials – We need to talk about the socials. The Christmas Party is the best one of the year and what everyone eagerly awaits, the food is delicious, the speeches are funny and then we dance the night away to the amazing live band and have just the 1 or 10 drinks to toast the year ahead 😉 There are also plenty of other socials and fundraisers during the year too; Themed nights, Fancy dress parties, Birthday parties and live music just to name a few.

But lastly and most importantly are the friends you make along the way, the ones who are on this rugby journey with you. Soppy but so true.

When I first moved up here from Bournemouth I knew no one, especially at the rugby club. I felt like I was totally out of place and thought everyone had known each other for years. But that really wasn’t the case and the more I went to watch games, the more I got chatting and the more friendly faces I got to know. Before I knew it, I had a really great group of girl (and guy) friends who I started to see more and more regularly, not just at the rugby club. And now 2.5 years later (even though it feels way longer) I don’t know what I would do without this crazy bunch of people and they have become some of my closest, most treasured friends. Thanks guys and here’s to the next 60 plus years! 🙂 ❤

So yes, you may have days where you hate being the wife, girlfriend or sister of a rugby player (muddy/rainy days, injury days, defeats) but the positives greatly outweigh the negatives and as long as you have other wives, girlfriends and sisters around you, rugby days will actually turn out to be some of your best days!

Love, Chloe xxx












A Rainy Day at Twickenham!

Before I met Matt, I knew nothing about the World of Rugby.

My dad is a football Man, and living in a house full of women he barely got a chance to watch that!

I had never seen rugby on TV, let alone watched from the sidelines or visited the The Home of Rugby….Twickenham.

The first time I went to see Matt play, I wore heels, moaned that it was too cold and spent most of my time sat in the clubhouse with a cup of tea!

Fast forward nearly 5 years and wouldn’t be my Mastermind subject…but I’d like to think I know an awful lot more than I did back then! I’ve seen Matt change teams, be promoted twice, play for his County at Twickenham 3 years in a row and we even went to Australia to see the Lion’s Tour!


Now if that doesn’t make me a good girlfriend, I don’t know what does 😉


And so a couple of Sunday’s ago, I travelled to Twickenham at 8.30am! (I am NOT a morning person!) to see Surrey play in the Bill Beaumont Cup Final against Eastern Counties.

Myself, Hattie, Danielle and Emily – fellow rugby widows, arrived just in time to grab our tickets before the game began at 10am. We had great seats on the lower tier, looking at the centre of the pitch and settled in ready to watch the game.

REIS20150531A © Ian Stratton 07860 490841 Twickenham.
Surrey Rugby vs Eastern Counties, County Championship Division 2 Plate Final.
Surrey in Navy shirts with Maroon trim. Picture shows:

Well if I’m honest, that lasted all of 10 minutes before we began chatting, showing each other cute pictures of puppies and walking off for tea trips as the weather was soo cold, windy and miserable. Well we are girls girls after all! You really thought we could be engrossed in a game for 80 whole minutes?! 😉

We did stop to be quiet while watching the conversions (see I do know something!) and we congratulated each other if one of our men scored a try or helped assist a try.

REIS20150531A © Ian Stratton 07860 490841 Twickenham.
Surrey Rugby vs Eastern Counties, County Championship Division 2 Plate Final.
Surrey in Navy shirts with Maroon trim. Picture shows:

REIS20150531A © Ian Stratton 07860 490841 Twickenham.
Surrey Rugby vs Eastern Counties, County Championship Division 2 Plate Final.
Surrey in Navy shirts with Maroon trim. Picture shows:

Before we knew it it was half time and we wandered off in search of food and more tea. By this point it was pretty cold and wet! We ended up with chocolate muffins which were looking very sorry for themselves surrounded by the big fast food stalls and ice cream vans.

Settling in for the second half, we tried to take more notice of the game, but instead got distracted about where we should go for lunch. We all decided that due to the weather, we had to find somewhere with a good roast dinner! This was easier said then done, we googled, we phoned and eventually found a place 25 minutes away willing to take us in.

Back to the game and Surrey had pretty much dominated the first half and with Eastern Counties not catching them up, Surrey eventually won, for the 4th year in a row, with a final score of 17-3. If you would like to read a more in-depth account of the game, please click on this link

After the game had finished, the boys accepted their medals, posed for photo’s and then mingled with their friends and family who had come to watch before heading off for showers and food.

REIS20150531A © Ian Stratton 07860 490841 Twickenham.
Surrey Rugby vs Eastern Counties, County Championship Division 2 Plate Final.
Surrey in Navy shirts with Maroon trim. Picture shows:

REIS20150531A © Ian Stratton 07860 490841 Twickenham.
Surrey Rugby vs Eastern Counties, County Championship Division 2 Plate Final.
Surrey in Navy shirts with Maroon trim. Picture shows:

Now it was officially lunch time. We met up with a few other girlfriends who had come along and some of the rugby team who weren’t playing and discussed our options. Some were heading back home, some wanted to stay and watch the next game, others already had plans for lunch and some just wanted to hang around a bit longer before joining us for lunch. So in the end Matt and I set off by ourselves in search of a pub that had been recommended and the others agreed to join us a bit later.

We battled the wind and rain – I was very glad I had gone for the sensible option of boots and a pac-a-mac! Until we found the pub, unfortunately it was pretty small, already full of people and due to the games at Twickenham they had stopped their usual pub menu and were only serving BBQ food…in the garden…in the rain.. Umm no thank you.

Matt mentioned a pub he knew in St Margarets called St Margarets Tavern, so he gave them a quick call and luckily they said they had room to squeeze us in. We walked back to Twickenham, picked up Emily and Hattie and started our walk to the pub. 15 Minutes he said…it’s not that far he said…It’s just the next town along he said. Ha. The Heaven’s opened, Emily was moaning and 5ft nothing ladies we’re struggling to keep up with Matt’s 6ft 6 strides. We tried to see the funny side of it knowing we would arrive looking like drowned rats and tried to skip/walk a little faster.

I must admit Matt knows a good pub and luckily the walk in the storm, was worth it!


Finally in the warm and dry, we perused the menu and ordered some wine.

I already knew I wanted a roast and when we saw someone else’s arrive next to us, I knew I wanted it even more. It was huge! The Yorkshire pudding must have been as big as my head.

Emily and I went for the roasts, Hattie and Matt both went for the burger. It was all delicious!

While we were eating, we noticed the rain had stopped. Typical! Even so, we all insisted to Matt that we couldn’t walk back and so we ordered a cab to pick us all up ha. He probably thinks we are so lazy!

Toasty and full of yummy food, we headed back to Twickenham to meet up with everyone else to watch the England Game.

Once again the boys all sat together so they could talk and watch the game properly. Us girls sat the row behind them and got told off by them for talking about cats too much! Ha yes really.


^^ Me and Hattie


^^ Emily, Hattie and Myself

The England game was pretty boring, they were winning by miles and even the boys were getting fed up. It must have been slow! So we decided to leave the game early and head back home, before the crazy rush started.

It was a shame about the weather, as every other time I have visited it has been glorious sunshine and that makes the day so much more enjoyable. But if you haven’t had a day out at Twickenham I definitely recommend going. There’s seriously something for everyone and ladies if you’re being dragged along by your man, just remember you can drink wine and ogle hot hunky men in short shorts all day 😉

Love, Chloe xx

21st Birthday Celebrations!!

I remember my 21st like it was yesterday..I loved fancy dress so chose a cops and robbers theme, I gathered all my best friends together, made them dress up in ridiculous outfits and headed into town for a night of shots, dancing and random games of limbo.. But *cough* enough of my reminiscing, this weekend was all about Hattie’s 21st Birthday Shenanigans….

Hattie’s birthday was actually nearly 2 weeks ago now, but inconveniently our boyfriends were playing a very important, last game of the season, game of rugby that day! So she politely changed her birthday plans to last weekend. I think I would have made more of a fuss! 😉

We did go to said rugby game though and made sure that everyone knew it was Hattie’s birthday, after all you’re only 21 once!


^^ This was us driving to the match. Hattie is of course wearing the biggest badge we could find her and the inflatable crown meant for a child we managed to clip to her head, after many trials of it falling off. Doesn’t she look great? The Birthday Princess ❤


^^ Post match, unfortunately the sun had decided to hide by this point!

We did manage to give Hattie a fun day though, despite the full day of rugby! We started off with a very sophisticated brunch, where we decorated the table with balloons and handed out presents. We then travelled about an hour away to the game and sang along to the amazing mega mix that Em had put together (think Britney, Backstreet Boys, 5ive you get the picture) The match itself was pretty exciting and made all the better when a cocktail van pulled up!! Yes a cocktail van!! They did the best apple pie cocktail which tasted just like the real thing with the added punch of vodka, yummy! After the game (our boys won FYI ha) we travelled home, indulged in a very large Chinese take away, cracked open a bottle of prosseco and then were just about to put a film on and chill, when Matt kindly decided to bring the after party back to ours! Needless to say it was a late one 😉

Now some of you might think that that was enough for a birthday.. but it isn’t really… is it? Especially for a 21st! So last Saturday we did it all again, just with better outfits and more booze!

The afternoon consisted of a BBQ at Hattie’s house, complete with what seemed like an unlimited supply of prosseco, a big chocolate fountain with an array of things to dip plus the huge BBQ and fire pit- well this is the British summertime we need as much help with the weather as we can get! We drank, we ate, we laughed, we gossiped and we also had the unexpected surprise of a magician (who might I add was realllyyyy good!!) Time really does fly when your having fun and before we knew it, it was time to pop home and glam up for the night ahead.


^^ Finally glam, dancing shoes on and we were ready to party the night away


^^ Birthday Girl Hattie in her amazing red dress!


^^ Em enjoying her Pornstar Martini (Which were delicious)


^^ and then things start to get a little messy when the shots come out to play. Yes that is me, being a bad influence to my friend Kitty who REALLY didn’t want a shot. Oops 😉

I think we were all a little bit too tipsy to remember to take any more photos of the night, but from what I do remember it was A LOT of fun! and I hope Hattie had a 21st Birthday to remember or not remember 😉 as the case may have been the next morning!

So here’s to the next one.. well birthday that is, we’re all a little past 21 now aren’t we ladies! :-p

Love, Chloe xx